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Will new English Channel wind farms harm gannets?

Gannets in the English Channel could be affected by proposed offshore wind power developments. Photo courtesy NOAA.

Early data suggests proposed sites may interfere with foraging

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — University of Liverpool biologists say a slew of proposed new offshore wind power developments could affect the foraging behavior of northern gannets that nest on Alderney in the Channel Islands.

The tracking suggests that energy planners need to take a closer look at the proposed installations.

“We found that the area where the gannets traveled for food overlapped with nine sites earmarked for offshore marine energy developments which suggests that the feeding habits of these birds could be affected, as well as the potential for collision with wind turbine developments,” said Louise Soanes, with University of Liverpool’s School of Environmental Sciences. “These sites also fell across three different territorial waters in the UK, France and the Channel Islands,” which has implications for international collaboration and cooperation,” Soanes said. Continue reading “Will new English Channel wind farms harm gannets?”