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Aspen hydropower plan triggers green v. green tussle

Hoover Dam it's not, but a proposed hydropower project in Aspen could provide 8 percent of the town's power.

Town files preliminary paperwork with FERC for Castle Creek project

By Bob Berwyn

ASPEN — Taking another significant step toward reducing the town’s carbon footprint, Aspen officials this week filed the required pre-application papers for the Castle Creek hydroelectric project with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The filing is the first step in a formal review process that eventually could enable the town to produce about 8 percent of its needed electricity from a clean and local source — but the project is not without controversy, as some critics claim that the power generated by the facility isn’t worth the potential harm it could cause to Castle and Maroon creeks by reducing stream flows. Continue reading “Aspen hydropower plan triggers green v. green tussle”