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Morning photo: Buffalo Mountain

Gore Range giant

Sunrise pano over Buffalo Mountain.
Sunrise panoramo over Buffalo Mountain.
Morning photo is sponsored by Copper Condos. Click for more info.
Morning photo is sponsored by Copper Condos. Click for more info.

FRISCO — Peak One, with its classic alpine shape, may get most of the attention from photographers, but I have a soft spot for Buffalo Mountain, the big rounded hulk of a peak that towers over Silverthorne like a benign giant. I’m still not sure how this mountain got its name, but I think this post is going to spur me to do a little more research.

When he was younger, Dylan was convinced for many years that the big gash in the face of the mountain was from a volcanic eruption. I’m pretty sure that Buffalo doesn’t have a history of vulcanism, but it’s fun idea, even though I’ve convinced him that there were other geological processes at work. It is, in any case, an impressive summit, and the light often seems to work its magic with this landmark of the Gore Range.

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Buffalo Mountain reflection during the early spring from the Pine Cove area.
Buffalo Mountain reflection during the early spring from the Pine Cove area.

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Morning photo: From the vault

A grab-bag of images …

Morning alpenglow paints the Gore Range in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of photography, with nearly every day yielding a good stash of photos. For today’s photo essay, I looked back over the past few days to choose some images that show the diversity of light, from fiery morning alpenglow to the silvery blue tones of a chilly winter-like sunrise and everything in between.

Early morning light on Buffalo Mountain and the Wildernest neighborhood.

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Morning photo: Alpenglow

Magic mountain light

Morning alpenglow on the Gore Range, photographed from the Tenderfoot Trail near Dillon.

SUMMIT COUNTY —Alpenglow is one of those visual feasts best best observed in the mountains, thanks to the vertical topography. While the term is sometimes applied loosely to any sunset or sunrise light on the mountains, true alpenglow refers to a special moment when particles in the air scatter the sun’s light while the sun is still below the horizon — essentially highlighting the red-orange part of the spectrum. For more, read this discussion at photo.net. Continue reading “Morning photo: Alpenglow”

Morning photo: Last few days of summer

And so it ends …

Buffalo Mountain, Gore Range, Collorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — With the equinox just a couple of days away, summer is struggling to hang on. Mornings are crisp, feeling more of autumn, yet if you close your eyes in the bright afternoon sunlight, the warmth is still there. Tuesday evening, the seasons collided, as afternoon thunderstorms built above rapidly changing aspen leaves. As the sun dropped behind the Gore Range, the clouds quickly fell apart, only to reveal another dusting of snow on the high peaks along the Divide. Here’s what it looked like in the Meadow Creek wetlands, near Frisco. Click on the images to see larger versions. Continue reading “Morning photo: Last few days of summer”