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Morning photo: Streetscapes

Urban scenes around the world

Shoppers stop to chat in downtown Corfu on a rainy evening in the Ionian Sea.
Shoppers stop to chat in downtown Corfu on a rainy evening in the Ionian Sea.

FRISCO — Being a mountain-dweller, I often “forget” to take pictures when I’m in a city. Sometimes it’s because I’m just too busy gawking at the — for me — unusual sights. That mode changes when I’m traveling for pleasure, however. Instead of thinking about the next interview with a source, or trying to cook up an interesting story leead, I shift gears and look for those moments or street corners that say something about a city. So choosing pics for this week’s popular #FriFotos Twitter chat was a bit more of a challenge than sometimes. When I first saw the theme, I scratched my head for a minute, unsure of exactly where to look in the archives. But since I often think of cities as transit points or portals to other destinations beyond, I was able to retrace my steps and find a few urban shots. Join the fun — grab your urban shots, upload and tag them with #FriFotos to share with the world. Continue reading “Morning photo: Streetscapes”


Morning photo: Streetscapes

… from around the world

Ancient walls and tile roofs in Brignoles, France in an image that was cropped, over-saturated and enhanced with added contrast to highlight the textures and funky geometry.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Urban photography is a challenge for me. I’m more at home in the woods, on a beach or in the mountains, but every now and then, when Leigh and I travel, we enjoy exploring some of the nooks and crannies that might not be on a tourist map. Continue reading “Morning photo: Streetscapes”

Travel: Weird candy

Our stash of exotic sweets from the domestic airport in Buenos Aires.

Airport shops and vending machines can yield sweet treasures

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Some people get bored at airports and complain when flights are delayed, but Leigh and I have always managed to make the best of those times.

I suppose that, for a business traveler making a regular tedious commute, any delay is frustrating and annoying. But we always remind ourselves that we’re en route to some exciting adventure, making that time in the airport more than worthwhile — besides, airports have to be one of the best venues for people watching.

Often, we’ll work on our laptops to pass the time, but sometimes it’s fun to go on a scavenger hunt for weird candy when you’re in a foreign airports. So during a recent layover at the AeroParque Jorge Newberry in Buenos Aires we set out in opposite directions to check the selection. We couldn’t find any wifi signal, so it seemed like a good way to pass the time. Reading Reading the labels in who-knows-what language is a sure sign of globalization, and the sweets make great gifts and conversation starters. Continue reading “Travel: Weird candy”