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USFS to clean up mine debris near Breckenridge

Agency to remove abandoned buildings and old mining gear

Old mining scars are visible all along French Gulch Road, east of Breckenridge.
Old mining scars are visible all along French Gulch Road, east of Breckenridge, where the U.S. Forest Service is planning a cleanup at the Lincoln Townsite.

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — The U.S. Forest Service will begin a careful cleanup of mining debris around the historic Lincoln Townsite, near Breckenridge. As part of the agency’s abandoned mine lands safety program, crews will demolish and remove abandoned buildings, sheds and equipment — but five buildings will be left standing at the site after local stakeholders commented on the potential historical value of the structures. Continue reading “USFS to clean up mine debris near Breckenridge”


Colorado: Breckenridge bans 4th of July sparklers

It’s lights-out for handheld sparklers and other small ground-based fireworks in Breckenridge.

Fire concerns cited as reason for zero-tolerance policy on illegal pyrotechnics

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Fireworks enthusiasts are feeling the squeeze in Breckenridge, where the town recently banned all previously permissible ground-based fireworks, including sparklers, ground spinners and small fountain and Roman candle-type fireworks.

The ban is based on wildfire concerns, as town officials said that even the smallest spark could lead to a wildfire in the dry forest surrounding the community. Fireworks are suspected as the possible cause of a small wildfire last weekend in the lower French Gulch area. Continue reading “Colorado: Breckenridge bans 4th of July sparklers”

Breckenridge moisture now above average for the year

Late season storms target north-central Colorado mountains

Snow cover on Peak 8 at Breckenridge Ski Area reached a peak after the resort closed for the season. Bob Berwyn photo.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — A surge of April moisture brought the year-to-date snowfall total in Breckenridge right up to average, according to National Weather Service observer Rick Bly, who said that last month ended up being the fifth-wettest April on record, dating back to the late 1800s.

Bly tallied 49.5 inches of snow, compared to the average 24.7 inches. The snow that fell in April was equivalent to 4.14 inches of water, nearly double the average of 2.1 inches. For the water year to-date, Bly has measured 12.3 inches of snow-water equivalent, nearly an inch above average. Continue reading “Breckenridge moisture now above average for the year”

Colorado: USA Pro Challenge route announced

7-day stage race set for late August

Stage 2 of the USA Pro Challenge leads from Aspen over Independence Pass to Breckenridge.
USA Pro Challenge racers will once again visit Breckenridge as part of the seven-day stage race through Colorado.

By Summit Voice

The 2013 USA Pro Challenge features two new host cities and the return of the popular Vail time trial, race organizers said this week, announcing details of seven-day stage race through Colorado (Aug. 19-25).

“The most important thing to us in creating the route for the 2013 USA Pro Challenge was to find a course that would be safe and challenging for the riders, while providing ideal viewing locations for the crowds of spectators,” said Shawn Hunter, CEO of the USA Pro Challenge.

The two new cities, Loveland and Fort Collins, will be featured in the penultimate stage of the race on Aug. 24, when contenders will have to make a move before the final time trial stage in Denver. Stage 6 will start on the plains, but aggressive climbers will have a chance to amp it up when the race heads up Big Thompson Canyon and into Devils Gulch before hitting Estes Park. Continue reading “Colorado: USA Pro Challenge route announced”

Sketches released in Breckenridge stabbing investigation

Police are seeking help in locating this person.

Detectives seek help from public in identifying a “person of interest”

By Summit Voice

Breckenridge Police have released  composite sketches, based on witness descriptions, of a person of interest in an assault that occurred January 28 in the Tonopah parking lot on the east side of  La Cima Mall  in Breckenridge, where two individuals were stabbed.

This individual was in the area of La Cima Mall/ Tonopah Parking lot at approximately 10:30 p.m.  A green hooded sweatshirt with an Alma logo on the upper left side was located at the scene; it is believed this person may have been wearing this sweatshirt.  A small dark colored sedan may be associated with this individual.

Please Contact Detective Alex Blank or Detective Kylor Dossett at the Breckenridge Police Department if you have any information regarding this case at (970) 453-2941 or non-emergent dispatch at (970) 668-8600.

A police sketch of a person of interest in a Jan. 28 stabbing in Breckenridge.

Breckenridge PD officers were dispatched to the scene about 10;30 p.m. on January 28, but found no unusual activity; however,  about one hour later, a 23-year-old male arrived at St. Anthony’s with a stab wound, where he was treated by staff then transferred to a hospital in Denver.

Morning photo: Snapshots

Snow magic in Breckenridge

Colorado lights highlight the shapes of the Breckenridge snow sculptures.

FRISCO — Some years it’s cold and snowy, other years, it’s warm and dry, but either way, the snowsculptures at Breckenridge’s annual competition never fail to amaze — and this year was no exception. Artists from around the world battled near-record warm temperatures as they finalized their creations for the judging Saturday. Here are just a handful of snapshots from the Riverwalk Center. Continue reading “Morning photo: Snapshots”

Breckenridge — time to stomp!

Preparations for the 2013 Snow Sculpture Championships begin

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Photos and story by Jenney Coberly

BRECKENRIDGE — Creating art requires serious preparation, and the International Snow Sculpture Championship in Breckenridge is no exception. Before the artists can begin their ephemeral masterpieces, dozens of volunteers and town employees gathered this week at the Riverwalk to “stomp” 20-ton blocks of snow.

The Riverwalk Center parking lot bustled with activity as construction of snow monoliths commenced. Workers use a crane to assemble the big construction forms for holding the snow as it is compacted. Operators drive bulldozers and operate giant snowblowers to get the snow into the forms. Once a sufficient layer of snow is deposited, volunteers climb up a scaffolding and then down a ladder into the form to stomp the snow firmly into place.

Snow stomping will continue until Friday, January 18. Opening ceremonies kick off the start of sculpting on Tuesday, January 22, and the artists work morning, noon and night until early Saturday morning, January 19. The snow sculptures will be on display, weather permitting, until February 3.

Visit the GoBreck website for the schedule and complete information about the event.