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Morning photo: Along the Danube

“Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul … “

Sunrise over the Danube.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — The Danube River weaves together a rich and diverse tapestry of culture and scenery, and it’s also an important thread in my life. Both my parents grew up along its banks; my mom in Linz, Austria and my dad in Bratislava, capital of the Slovak Republic. As a young boy, I spent many weeks near the river at my grandmother’s home and since then, I’ve returned to visit as often as possible.

As they easily transcend national boundaries,  great rivers hold a fascination for travelers. This summer, I gathered once again with family and loved ones to complete a very special trip started by my dad long ago in another era.

Kayaking the Danube.

Rivers can connect cultures, but they often also form the borders between countries, or, in the case of the Cold War, between two completely irreconcilable ideologies. As a young man, my dad was on the wrong side of that boundary, trapped behind the Iron Curtain while his spirit longed to fly free. Eventually, he was faced with a tough choice; stay and give in to the ideology of fear, hate and cynicism, or flee, leaving behind his family and loved ones, knowing that it would quite a while, if ever, before they knew his fate. Continue reading “Morning photo: Along the Danube”


Morning photo: Blue

From the Danube to blueberry pie …

The blue Danube, from the stern of a hydrofoil racing downriver from Vienna to Bratislava.

SUMMIT COUNTY — We’ve done the yellow and the red, so there are only a few primary colors left, and blue is next in our series of color-themed photoblogs. It’s amazing how many shades of blue there area when you really start looking, and rather than picking out blue objects, I looked for images that had an overall blue cast.We’re always looking for guest photographers to share images, so if you have a few photos you want to share, please contact bberwyn@comcast.net. Continue reading “Morning photo: Blue”

Morning photo: This is how we roll …

Travel how you will, but travel!

Every good journey should include a zodiac ride, like this landing at Brown Bluff, Antarctica. Click on the photo for more.

SUMMIT COUNTY — The theme of last Friday’s weekly #FriFotos Twitter chat was transportation, featuring global pictures of different modes of transportation — everything from camel caravans to hot air ballons, so I decided to scroll through the Summit Voice archives to compile a photoblog with a similar theme. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to pull almost a dozen pics featuring if-not-exotic, then at least interesting subjects.

Here in a remote corner of Albania, the road just ended, at least temporarily, along this river. You may take bridges for granted, but in this spot, the only way of proceeding south was with a short ferry ride — public transit at its best. Click on the image for more ...

Continue reading “Morning photo: This is how we roll …”

Morning photo: Cityscapes

Storybook towns …

A rainy night in downtown Corfu. Click on the photo to read about this colorful Greek Island, where the proto-traveler, Odysseus, nearly drowned, then drifted ashore with the help of Athena, and woke to the laughter of princess Nausica and her friends. King Alcinous gave him a boat to help him return to Ithaka. But Poseidon was angry at the Phaceans for helping Odysseus, so during the return voyage, he turned their boat to stone. Corfu also was a stop for Jason and the Argonauts. They narrowly avoided being trapped by the call of the Sirens, as Jason ordered Orpheus to sing for his crew so they could row the ship to safety. On Corfu, Jason married Medea, and they spent their wedding night in a cave, sleeping on the Golden Fleece. But the honeymoon turned stormy, when a tidal wave swept the Argo into the sands of North Africa.

SUMMIT COUNTY —Although most of my photography focuses on nature and landscapes, the Summit Voice travel files feature a decent selection of urban images, including rooftop scenes from the Balkans, and street food vendors in Boulder. So when the #FriFotos Twitter chat topic turned to “City Life,” I dusted off a few of those shots. Click here to check out a Paper.li compilation of the photos. Continue reading “Morning photo: Cityscapes”

Morning photo: Feast!

Classic breakfast … in Slovakia

If you're reading this before breakfast, it should whet your appetite for a classic fried egg feast. This one was served aboard a floating 'Boatel' in the Danube River in Bratislava, Slovakia. Click on the image to read more.

SUMMIT COUNTY — This edition of the morning photoblog is meant to make you hungry and inspire you to travel. That’s not saying that food doesn’t taste good wherever you are, but there’s something about trying a new meal in a new place that really makes it all click. Check out the rest by clicking the “read more” button. Continue reading “Morning photo: Feast!”