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Global warming intensified Colorado’s deadly 2013 floods

A NOAA map shows the area around Boulder with more than 15 inches of rain during the deadly Sept. 2013 rainstorm.

Detailed modeling helps project how climate change will alter extreme weather

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Global warming likely boosted rainfall during Colorado’s deadly 2013 floods by 30 percent, according to new research. The September storms killed nine people and destroyed or damaged about 900 homes. Altogether, some spots saw more than 17 inches of rain, sending the South Platte River to a record high level. Continue reading “Global warming intensified Colorado’s deadly 2013 floods”


Fourmile Canyon firefighting costs at $4.9 million

Firefighter at Fourmile Canyon Fire near Boulder, Colorado.
A firefighters works to put out hot spots at the Fourmile Canyon Fire west of Boulder, Colorado.

Firefighters concentrating on hot spots

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Firefighters concentrated on mopping up hot spots at the Fourmile Canyon Fire Saturday after a night flight using infrared equipment helped pinpoint areas prone to flaring up, especially near structures.

The technique is commonly used at fires because it provides a quick and accurate overview. The results of Friday night’s flight showed several areas of isolated heat, but no large pockets of intense heat as were seen previously.

Morning ground patrols confirmed the information from the flight. Officials said the fire is 56 percent contained. Full containment is expected by Sept. 13. The fire started Sept. 6 and has burned within a perimeter spanning about 6.400 acres. The cost of fighting the fire so far is estimated at $4.9 million. More than 160 structures have been burned. Continue reading “Fourmile Canyon firefighting costs at $4.9 million”