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Report: Large-scale forest biomass energy not sustainable

Large-scale production could sacrifice forest ecosystem integrity and actually lead to higher greenhouse gas emissions

Forest biomass questioned as fuel source.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Large-scale use of forest biomass for energy production may be unsustainable and is likely to increase greenhouse gas emissions in the long run, according to a new study.

The research was done by the Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Germany, Oregon State University, and other universities in Switzerland, Austria and France. The work was supported by several agencies in Europe and the U.S. Department of Energy.

The results show that a significant shift to forest biomass energy production would create a ubstantial risk of sacrificing forest integrity and sustainability with no guarantee that it would mitigate climate change,” according to the researchers. Continue reading “Report: Large-scale forest biomass energy not sustainable”


Summit County: Another crack at biofuel?

A gasification achematic from theU.S. Department of Energy.

Gasification of wood chips may provide clean, affordable power for community facilities

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY —A Littleton-based company says it may have a partial solution to Summit County’s ever-growing piles of slash and woodchips.

Community Power Corporation (CPC) builds modular gasification units that convert wood chips and other biomass into fuel to generate electricity without a lot of emissions, and next week, the company will meet with Summit County officials to figure out if there are some community facilities that could benefit from the system. Continue reading “Summit County: Another crack at biofuel?”