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Rising sea level threatens Southern California beaches

Without expensive measures, some strands will vanish by 2100

Dusk surfing sessions at many Southern California beaches are at risk from sea level rise. @bberwyn photo.
Surfing El Granada in central California. @bberwyn photo.

Staff Report

Scientists are warily watching the impacts of rising sea levels along the world’s coastlines, where a high percentage of the global population lives and works. In some areas — especially narrow strands are pinned between the open ocean and coastal mountains, beaches may vanish by 2100 as higher waves and bigger storm surges wash away the precious sand.

Even with efforts to bolster them, between 31 percent and 67 percent of Southern California beaches may be completely eroded, scientists said this month after using a new climate model to calculate the effects of 3 to 6 feet of sea level rise. Continue reading “Rising sea level threatens Southern California beaches”


Environment: It pays to clean up beaches

Study shows costs of coastal litter

Beach-goers tend to avoid dirty beaches, even it means driving farther and spending more money to find a clean spot. bberwyn photo.


FRISCO —Littered beaches are a costly economic liability in California, as beach-goers tend to avoid local beaches if they’re dirty. The economic study, funded by NOAA’s Marine Debris Program, showed that having no marine debris on the beach and good water quality were the two most important factors in deciding which beach to go to.

Given the enormous popularity of beach recreation throughout the United States, the magnitude of recreational economic losses associated with marine debris has the potential to be substantial.  Continue reading “Environment: It pays to clean up beaches”

Morning photo: Going coastal

Gulf Coast treasures …

Coastal bayou near Venice, Louisiana.
Coastal bayou near Venice, Louisiana.

FRISCO — It’s hard to to take a bad picture on a beach unless you’re one of those people who, for the life of them, can’t figure out how to hold a camera straight to avoid the dreaded tilted horizon. For this week’s #FriFotos Twiiter chat, we’ve compiled some of our favorite scenes from the Gulf Coast. Continue reading “Morning photo: Going coastal”

Environment: Annual beach report card from NRDC highlights need to better manage stormwater runoff

More work is needed to clean up polluted beaches.

Pollution still causing significant beach closures

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — There’s still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to cleaning up coastal waters, where stormwater runoff and untreated sewage are still causing problems for beach-goers. Last year, there were more than 20,000 beach closings and advisories, confirming that serious water pollution persists at many U.S. shores, according to the annual beach report card from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

“Sewage and contaminated runoff in the water can spoil a family vacation real fast, turning a day of lounging at the beach into a day at the doctor’s office with a sick child,” said NRDC senior attorney Jon Devine. “It’s no surprise that pollution in the waves is bad for business in beach communities. Our government leaders can help support local economies and salvage countless summer getaways nationwide by tackling … stormwater runoff.” Continue reading “Environment: Annual beach report card from NRDC highlights need to better manage stormwater runoff”

Environment: Study shows beach cleanups pay off

Southern California beaches with pollution controls see increased visits, with benefits to local economy

You gotta love a clean beach! This is near Port. St. Joe, Florida.

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — Just in time for the summer season, with millions of people streaming to beaches around the world, a new study shows that cleaning up pollution can pay off in a big way for seaside communities.

The research zeroed in on Southern California, showing that beaches with storm drain diversion systems attract millions more people annually, leading the researchers to the conclusion that improving the environmental quality of coastal areas through policy intervention had an effect on the way people use coastal areas.

The results of the study, published in the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin, showed a direct correlation between increased attendance and the installation of storm drain diversions at 26 beaches in Santa Monica Bay and Malibu. Continue reading “Environment: Study shows beach cleanups pay off”

Morning photo: Winter warmup

Beachin’ it …

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

FRISCO —It’s always nice to dream about the beach about now, when the snow in the Colorado high country is probably piled about as deep as it’s going to get for the winter. That doesn’t mean I’m about to abandon the slopes to head for warmer climes, but a little day dreaming never hurt anything. Plus, shooting beach scenes is the most fun thing to do with a camera after shooting mountains and snow. These are a few of my favorite ocean side scenes along the Gulf Coast of Florida. Visit our FineArt America online gallery for more photography.

Port St. Joe, Florida.

Continue reading “Morning photo: Winter warmup”

Morning photo: Beaches

Gotta keep ’em clean!

Cape San Blas, Florida.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I spent much of Sunday reading and re-reading a very discouraging study on toxic oil pollution along Gulf Coast beaches. Despite all the chamber of commerce and government propaganda on how well everything has been cleaned up, it turns out that there are alarmingly high levels of carcinogenic oil-related PAHs still accumulating in the shallows all along the northern Gulf Coast, including beaches where our family waded and swam last spring and summer. You can read the story here. Just another reason to try and end our addiction to oil as soon as possible … Continue reading “Morning photo: Beaches”