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Bastrop Fire in Texas destroyed 1,386 homes

Wildfires in Texas have burned across 3.6 million acres, accounting for 49 percent of all the wildfires in the U.S. this season. Click on the image to visit the most up-to-date version of the map.

Firefighters in Texas still facing dangerous fire conditions statewide

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Texas officials completed a comprehensive assessment of the Bastrop Fire complex and said Thursday that a total of 1,386 homes were destroyed by the fire that raged through the area during Labor Day weekend.

The fire has burned across a footprint of about 34,000 acres and was about 30 percent contained, according to the Sept. 8 update from the Texas Forest Service. Most of the fire’s forward motion has stopped, but there are still intense areas of fire within the perimeter. Continue reading “Bastrop Fire in Texas destroyed 1,386 homes”

Texas Labor Day fires destroy at least 700 homes; special team deployed to search burned rubble around Bastrop

Volunteer firefighters on the Baker Fire in Texas. PHOTO BY ROBIN P. BIBLE VIA INCIWEB.

Dangerous fire conditions persist across much of the state

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — A surge of new wind-driven wildfires in Texas may have destroyed up to 700 homes in just two days during the Labor Day weekend, the Texas Forest Service said in its daily update.

There is still conflicting information about deaths resulting from the Bastrop Fire, with two reported fatalities and two additional deaths possible. A special 100-member search team has been deployed to search burned homes in the Bastrop area.

Strong winds on the west side of Tropical Storm Lee re-ignited earlier fires and quickly fanned new blazes into nearly uncontrollable infernos, including a monster fire in Bastrop County, near Austin, that’s grown to 30,000 acres. Firefighters still haven’t been able to contain the Bastrop Fire despite repeated attacks by air tankers. Numerous neighborhoods have been evacuated as firefighters focus on protecting homes in the area.

On Monday (Sept. 5) the Texas Forest Service responded to 22 new fires burning across 7,544 acres, including 10 new large fires. In the past week, the agency has responded to 181 fires burning on 118,413 acres, according to the daily Inciweb summary of the Texas wildfires. Continue reading “Texas Labor Day fires destroy at least 700 homes; special team deployed to search burned rubble around Bastrop”

Texas wildfires: 2 dead, 300 homes lost near Bastrop

Fire officials reported 63 new fires in Texas Sept. 4. Click on the image for the latest interactive version of the map.

High winds continue to drive flames across east Texas

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — The Texas Forest Service reported 63 new fires Sept. 4 including a monster 17,000 acre blaze that destroyed 300 homes in Bastrop County, where another 1,000 homes are threatened. Authorities said a fire in Gregg County, in northeast Texas, killed two people.

According to the Inciweb page on the Bastrop County fire complex, the fire remains uncontained and numerous neighborhoods have been evacuated.

Sunday’s wildfires have burned across 33,000 acres. Strong winds on the west side of Tropical Storm Lee caused the fires to spread rapidly in fuels left bone-dry by months of extreme drought. The forecast weather in the area includes highs in the upper 90s, winds of near 30 mph and a relative humidity of 18 percent.

A helicopter scoops water to fight the Bastrop fire complex in Texas. PHOTO COURTESY TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE. Click on the image to see more photos on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Facebook page.

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