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Environment: Chinese, Texas companies fined $1.26 million for selling ‘dirty’ ATVs and motorcycles

Motorized recreation on Tenderfoot Mountain, Summit County, Colorado.
EPA fines ATV and motorcycle companies for violating Clean Air Act certification requirements. bberwyn photo.

Clean Air crackdown?

Staff Report

FRISCO — The EPA has dinged two Texas companies and four manufacturers in China  with $1.26 million in civil penalties after selling more than 11,000 motorcycles and ATVs that violated clean air rules. The companies will also be banned from selling 2015 vehicles in the U.S.

“EPA’s vehicle certification regulations are an important way we help reduce air pollution and protect public health,” said Cynthia Giles, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. “Failing to provide honest and accurate information to EPA compromises our ability to protect clean air for Americans.” Continue reading “Environment: Chinese, Texas companies fined $1.26 million for selling ‘dirty’ ATVs and motorcycles”


County OKs moto-park plan for landfill property

A map for a dirt bike park shows the proposed trails in the upper left.

Off-roaders, hikers, residents collaborate and find common ground

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — The county commissioners this week approved a plan for a  dirt bike and ATV park on the landfill property after local motorized users, hiders and neighborhood residents worked together for several months to to address potential conflicts.

The network of trails is shielded in a shallow valley, preventing most of the noise from reaching the Summerwood subdivision, across Highway 6. Assistant county manager Thad Noll said a site visit to Summerwood helped convince residents that that sound impacts could be mitigation. The park could be ready for use within a few weeks, he added. See a full-size version of the map here.

As part of the agreement, the Summit County Off-Road Riders will reclaim closed trails, develop rules for the area and provide insurance that covers any potential Summit County liability. The off-road group will manage use of the area day-to-day and has also agreed to lead the charge on restoring wetlands in the area that have suffered from off-road use and other impacts. Continue reading “County OKs moto-park plan for landfill property”

Contained motocross track eyed for landfill property

A group of Summit County locals working together on a plan for motorized recreation are considering some land between Dillon Dam, visible at left, and I-70 as a potential venue for a trail riding and motocross area. Some people involved in the stakeholder meetings said a national forest tract squeezed between the road and the highway, in the hills visible at center-right in the photo, could be the key to creating a trail system. The area could work well because there aren't many homes nearby. The National Forest parcel is cut off from other Forest Service land by the roads.

Collaborative effort paying off, as motorized users, neighborhood residents start to find common ground; new areas considered for long-term moto use, including Forest Service land between I-70 and the Dam Road

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — After a summer showdown over motorized use on the county landfill property,  community residents have started working together on a plan to manage the area and build a dirt bike track in a location where the noise and environmental impacts can be limited.

Looming is a Jan. 1 cutoff for motorized use at the landfill property, set by the county commissioners during a meeting last August.

“That’s when the commissioners said motorized use will end,” said assistant county manager Thad Noll. “Some time after that, SCORR (Summit County Off-Road Riders) can come in with a management plan, and the board will consider letting them use that property again,” he said.

Recent meetings among county officials, motorized users and residents of neighborhoods in the Snake River Basin have been productive, Noll added.

The stakeholders are also looking at a few other locations in the county to establish a motorized recreation area on a more permanent basis. One option could be to build new trails on land between I-70 and the Dam Road, with a parking area and trailhead near the fairgrounds, below Dillon Dam.

“Everybody gets it. The days of unmanaged off-road riding are over,” said Mary Patterson, who has been organizing efforts on behalf of the motorized community. During a meeting in November, the focus was on a managed riding area near Buena Vista that could serve as a model for Summit County, Patterson said. Continue reading “Contained motocross track eyed for landfill property”