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Colorado: Volunteer camp hosts wanted

Summer stints include guiding activities at state hatcheries

Enjoy the great outdoors as a volunteer camp host with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Staff Report

SUMMIT COUNTY — Colorado Parks and Wildlife is looking for Volunteer Camp Hosts for the 2013 summer season. Being a camp host is a great way to spend the summer enjoying the outdoors and helping out at wildlife areas, hatcheries or campgrounds. Continue reading “Colorado: Volunteer camp hosts wanted”


Colorado: Hunting for whitewater flows in a drought

Collaborative planning helps sustain boating on the Arkansas River

Resource managers are cobbling together a plan to sustain flows for whitewater boating on the Arkansas River. PHOTO COURTESY BUREAU OF RECLAMATION.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Despite an emerging wave of publicity about the early stages of a major Colorado drought, stakeholders on the Arkansas River say a long-standing collaborative management effort should help salvage a decent boating season on one of the state’s most popular rivers.

“We’re working with the Bureau of Reclamation to figure it out,” said Rob White, park manager at the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area. “We have a few different ideas … we’re going to meet May 22 and discuss more details,” he said. Continue reading “Colorado: Hunting for whitewater flows in a drought”

Colorado: New life for the Arkansas River

Major restoration project set for the summer

Historic smelting activity around Leadville helped build Colorado’s wealth but destroyed precious natural resources. PHOTO COURTESY COLORADO HISTORICAL SOCIETY.
Acid mine drainage in the Upper Arkansas River Basin. PHOTO COURTESY EPA.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Decades of industrial-scale mining left parts of the Upper Arkansas around Leadville mostly lifeless, but restoration efforts at the California Gulch Superfund Site, along with treatment of contaminated water, should help boost some aquatic life to one of Colorado’s big rivers.

This summer’s project is a key part of the federal and state effort to restore an 18-square mile area where mining led to the discharge of heavy metals and acid at the headwaters of the Arkansas, making the river in that area unable to sustain healthy fish populations. The river currently supports a good trout population because of earlier mine cleanup efforts and will be further enhanced by the upcoming habitat improvements. Continue reading “Colorado: New life for the Arkansas River”

Colorado: Aug. 1 is free day at all state parks

Aug. 1 is free day at Colorado State Parks. Cick on the map to visit the interactive version.

Ger outdoors!

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — If you haven’t been to your favorite state park recently, consider a visit this coming Monday, Aug. 1, when entry to all 42 parks in the state will be free in in honor of Colorado Day.

Colorado Day was created by the State Legislature to mark the anniversary of statehood, granted in 1876 by President Ulysses S. Grant. Free entrance at the state parks is an annual Colorado Day tradition.

“We’re inviting Coloradans to get outdoors at the state parks, enjoy the natural beauty of these places and experience all the recreational activities that the parks have to offer,” said Rick Cables, Colorado Parks and Wildlife director. “Colorado Day is our annual ‘thank-you’ to all our visitors for their support. The free day also gives people who have never visited a state park the chance to experience the great activities in state parks.” Continue reading “Colorado: Aug. 1 is free day at all state parks”