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Morning photo: Best of April

Month of contrasts …

colorado sunrise
A straight out of the iPhone HDR shot, Meadow Creek wetlands, Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — What a month! Seemingly endless snowfall, at least for a while, with a major meltdown under way at valley elevations at the same time. As always, April was a month of contrasts, reflected by the images in our monthly compilation. From fiery sunrise to icy mornings and full moons, you can find more Summit County landscape and nature photography at our Fine Art America online gallery. Continue reading “Morning photo: Best of April”


Morning photo: April snow

Springtime in the Rockies


FRISCO — I’ve always thought spring snowstorms were different. The snow is wetter, and often starts when air temperatures are (relatively) warm. That means the snow sticks to everything, including vertical surfaces, and hangs on even if there’s a bit of a breeze. So, even if the weather turns springlike, that snow clinging to the trees makes it look wintrier than it feels. Here’s what Summit County looked like after a recent April dusting. Continue reading “Morning photo: April snow”

Morning photo: April come she will

Springtime in the Rockies?

The ice on Dillon Reservoir was mostly gone by late April, 2012, with a few berms of snow left on the shore at Pine Cove Campground, near Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Weatherwise, April is always been one of the most dynamic months in the Colorado high country. Cold spring storms off the Pacific alternate with warm and sunny high pressure systems building from the Desert Southwest … and this year seems to be no exception, as the snow of the past few days is expected to give way to the warmest weather of the year, so far, in the coming week. But think back just two years ago, when Colorado (and much of the country) experienced a record-warm March, leading to summer-like conditions in April. It’s never a boring month! Continue reading “Morning photo: April come she will”

Morning photo: April flashback


A chilly April Morning in Summit County.

FRISCO — Waking up to what can only be described as an icy mist, I headed out with the dogs before checking the temperature. I was guessing it was about 15 degrees. When I got back from the morning dog walk, I checked the weather station, seeing that the temp had dropped into the single digits about the time I headed out, 8.9 degrees to be exact. And sure enough, it felt more like November than April out there. Even though the two months are on the flip side of the calendar, there’s an expectation (at least o my part) that April should be warm. Single-digit temps in April are not unprecedented in the Colorado high country, or in other mountain regions, for that matter. And this year, they’re welcome, helping to preserve the snowpack for another day. Continue reading “Morning photo: April flashback”

Morning photo: April come she will …

Summit spring

Spring grass.

SUMMIT COUNTY —April yielded some of the best pictures of the year, from rich and saturated colors, finally warmed by the seasonal sun, to delicate scenes of melting ice and dramatic sunrises. Vote in the poll for your favorite April picture. The winning photo will be featured as the monthly image in the 2013 Summit Voice calendar.

Continue reading “Morning photo: April come she will …”