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Sunday set: Saving lakes

Acting now could help protect lakes from global warming

Had a chance to explore some of Austria’s most beautiful lakes this summer, and spent time talking to scientists about how they will be affected by global warming. As it turns out, there are a few thing we can do to try protect them from climate change impacts, but we have to act now, and in the hope that we can tackle the larger problem in the near future by drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But in the short-term, protecting lakes from pollution, making sure their source waters are clean and cool and trying to protect groundwater that feeds into lakes can help make them more resilient to climate change. In some cases, fisheries managers should probably be thinking about trying to create climate sanctuaries for some species, and regular monitoring, linked with adaptive management, can also help control impacts. Read my story for Deutsche Welle to learn more.


Global warming: Signs of evolution, adaptation evident in populations of Arctic shrews

Water shrews are native to northern Rockies and parts of the Pacific Northwest. Photo courtesy USFWS.

Studies of small mammals could help inform wildlife management in the face of climate change

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — U.S. Geological Survey scientists say various species of shrews in the Arctic have evolved rapidly in response to past climate changes, making them good test subjects to project how current climate change scenarios might play out.

Since the tiny mammals breed quickly and don’t migrate, they illustrate how species might change in response to global warming, showing both ecological and evolutionary responses to local conditions year-round. Continue reading “Global warming: Signs of evolution, adaptation evident in populations of Arctic shrews”