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Colorado weather: La Niña fades, what’s next?

90-day outlook calls for warm and dry conditions in Colorado

After a few cold spells in mid-winter, temperatures across most of the state were well above average between mid-February and mid-March.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — This year’s La Niña has — for the most part — behaved as predicted by weather experts, who called for a bullseye of snow in the northwestern part of the state, with dry conditions elsewhere, especially across the Front Range. In some good news for the Four Corners region, the prevailing northwesterly flow yielded to a few juicy storms out of the southwest that delivered near average moisture to the San Juans — but drought lurks just to the south and east, much of New Mexico experiencing severely dry conditions.

So, what’s next, as winter turns to spring?

In a three-month outlook covering April through June, National Weather Service forecasters say the weakening La Niña (cooler than average sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern Equatorial Pacific) will continue to influence Colorado’s weather, but to a continually lessening degree. Off the coast of Central America and northern South America, sea surface temperatures have actually climbed above average. Continue reading “Colorado weather: La Niña fades, what’s next?”


The weekend headlines

What will the winter bring? Click on the headline to find out.

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SUMMIT COUNTY — If you were outside and away from your computer over the weekend good for you! In case you missed some of our weekend stories, here’s a compilation of the headlines, including a summary of the 30- and 90-day weather outlook, a story that quantifies the impact of dusty snow on Colorado River flows, an Antarctic photoblog and a major study on some of the issues facing women’s health research.

90-day weather outlook based on strong La Niña

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90-day weather outlook based on strong La Niña

The 90-day outlook from the Climate Prediction Center is based on La Niña conditions bringing below-normal temperatures and above-average snow and rain to the Northwest, warm and dry conditions to the Southwest and South.

Northern Colorado in an area where the weather service is calling for equal chances of either above or below-normal temps and precipitation

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Issuing 30- and 90-day outlooks, the National Weather Service Friday said that La Niña strengthened in August and September, bringing well below normal sea surface temperatures in the central equatorial Pacific Ocean and influencing global atmospheric circulation.

The temperature outlook for October is for increased chances of below-normal temperatures for parts of the northwest and for the entire West Coast in general. Continue reading “90-day weather outlook based on strong La Niña”