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Colorado: Does El Niño bring early snow?

Historical stats don’t show big impact on date of first snow

Summit County and a small surrounding area dodged the drought bullet in late July and early August, with rainfall anywhere from 130 to 200 percent of normal, but rainfall maps show that most of the state still experienced well-below average rainfall during that span.
A similar pattern was evident for the three-month precipitation history in Colorado, with just a few pockets of above-average rainfall in the north-central mountains and the western San Juans.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Talk about living in a bubble — the latest three-month summary and outlook from the National Weather Service in Boulder shows that the rainy conditions in Summit County, and a small surrounding area, were the exception in Colorado the past 30 days. Much of the state continued to suffer through extremely dry conditions, especially the eastern plains, where precipitation was just 5 to 50 percent of normal. As a result, much of the state is still experiencing serious drought. Visit the Boulder NWS website to see the full power point presentation. Continue reading “Colorado: Does El Niño bring early snow?”