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Crop art highlights Colorado River woes as Obama visits Grand Junction

Activists press for better conservation measures to sustain river flows

A message for President Obama. Photo courtesy Protect the Flows.

By Summit Voice

Even before he lands in Colorado, President Obama will be reminded of the one of the key long-term environmental issues in the West, as communities, water providers, would-be oil shale developers and others wrangle over the fate of the Colorado River.

To highlight grassroots concern over the Colorado, the advocacy group Protect the Flowsworked with crop artists Stand Herd to carve a giant message into a field that should be visible as Obama flies into Grand Junction. The message covers about one acre; each letter is 30 feet from top to bottom and the entire message is about 360 feet long, equal to the height of a 36 story building.

The simple phrase, “Mr. Prez – We rely on the Colorado River,” will help make clear that continued plans for increased diversions from the already over-appropriate river pose a fundamental threat to the region. Continue reading “Crop art highlights Colorado River woes as Obama visits Grand Junction”