This page features sponsors of the Summit County Voice. Many local businesses, organizations and individuals understand that a free press, unfettered by political or commercial censorship, is a critical part of a healthy, vibrant community.

As a nonprofit community news service, the Summit County Voice delivers timely and accurate news about issues that matter to local citizens and visitors. We can only do that with your support. Please consider joining the list of sponsors with a one-time donation or by becoming a long-term supporter.

Click here to read a story about our first 1,000 posts and how our sponsors make it all possible.


Bob Berwyn, P.O. Box 340, Frisco, CO 80443; (970) 331-5996; bberwyn@comcast.net


Our Future Summit supports independent journalism and coverage of sustainable forestry, community and development.


Wilderness Sports sponsors the weatherblog and coverage of avalanche issues at SummitVoice.org.


Innovative Energy supports independent journalism in Summit County. Click on the image for more information.

Innovative Energy supports Summit Voice coverage of renewable energy issues. Innovative Energy is a full service solar and wind power company that has been serving the Summit County since 1992. Click here for more information.


The Summit County Wildfire Council is a Summit Voice supporting sponsor. Click on the image to learn more.

The Summit County Wildfire Council supports Summit Voice coverage of forest health and wildfire issues. Click here to learn more about how the wildfire council is working to protect public safety and property in Summit County by administering  a grant program aimed at helping neighborhoods reduce wildfire hazards.


Go I-70 supports independent journalism in Summit County. Click on the image to learn more about Go I-70 and the real-time highway info it provides.

Go I-70 is a supporting sponsor of Summit Voice. Go I-70 is a website offering real-time travel and road conditions updates for I-70, with a mobile application that can deliver the information to your smart phone when you need it most. Go I-70 is part of the I-70 Coalition’s efforts to find long-term solutions for improving safety and traffic flow along Colorado’s key mountain road artery.


Bighorn Materials supports independent journalism in Summit County. Click on the image to visit Bighorn online.

Bighorn Materials, celebrating 25 years in Summit County,  is a supporting sponsor of Summit Voice. Visit the Bighorn folks online to learn about their eco-friendly retail facility and the many environmentally friendly products they carry.


Many thanks for recent donations from:

Don Parsons

Ron and Laura Houser

Deb Sharp

Peggy Tibbetts

Allyn Harvey

Janice West

Jane & Stan Young

Dave Bittner

Karn Stiegelmeier

David Scull

Bob French


Jenney Coberly and Jerry Weiss are supporting sponsors of Summit Voice.

Jenney Coberly and Jerry Weiss are supporting sponsors of Summit Voice. Jenney has also been providing video coverage of Summit County news, meetings and events, and Jerry helps keep things jazzy in Summit County and around Colorado. Check out his music web site here, or click on the image at left.


Emily A. Palm Mulica is a supporter of Summit Voice.

Emily A. Palm Mulica, an adventure writer and ski, outdoor and environmental columnist for the Fort Collins Coloradoan,  is one our newest supporters. Check out Emily’s web site, and follow her on Twitter. Contact her via her web site for press releases and other ad and media needs.


The Wellington Neighborhood in Breckenridge supports independent journalism in Summit County.

The Wellington Neighborhood recently became a supporting sponsor of Summit Voice and we are thrilled. We think the Wellington Neighborhood’s goal of creating community meshes with our vision of providing timely and meaningful news for the community. Visit the Wellington Neighborhood online here.


Austrian Folk Art, an online gallery for traditional Austrian art, is one of our newest sponsors. Please get more information by visiting Austrian Folk Art online. Just click on the image.


Scotty Bondo – click on the image for a link to his blog.

Scotty Bondo also provided financial support to Summit Voice with a grassroots donation. Catch Scotty on the KCMV morning show, or check out his entertaining blog (not affiliated with KCMV) here.


Breckenridge resident Mike Schilling also became a grassroots supporter of Summit Voice with a donation recently. Thanks Mike!


Click on the image to learn more about Summit Voice sponsor ApexTek.com.

One of our most recent donations comes from ApexTek.com, offering personalized and  complete internet service. ApexTek focuses  a focus on helping small and medium-size business, as well as nonprofits and political organizations, maintain an effective presence on the web.


Breckenridge-based ad agency Smithwood Drive is a Summit Voice sponsor.

We’ve also received support from Breckenridge with a donation from Smithwood Drive. We’ve provided a link to Smithwood, just click on the image, but it looks like the company is in the process of updating its web site.


Ciick on the image to learn more about Copper Colorado Condos.

Copper Colorado Condos is a locally owned lodging management company offering high quality vacation rentals for visitors to Summit County. Copper Condos supports local businesses and is as “green” as possible, using non-toxic and organic products when they’re available, and by encouraging guests to recycle and support local conservation organizations. More information at www.coppercoloradocondos.com, or  (970) 485-1046.


Summit Voice supporter Phillip Yates, of Resource Media, is former newspaper reporter who has also helped us get started with some solid advice about our WordPress platform.

Phillip Yates recently became a supporter of Summit Voice. Phillip is as a program coordinator with Resource Media in Boulder, working on public lands and energy development issues. Resource Media provides strategic communications and media outreach services to  campaign organizations amd individuals working to protect the environment and improve public health.


Silverthorne author Carrie Brown-Wolf is a proud sponsor of Summit Voice.

Carrie Brown-Wolf was one of the first Summit County residents to sign on as a subscriber to the Summit Voice web site and to e-mail with encouragement and support. She’s a writer and maintains a lively blog at Snowballs of Wisdom. Carrie’s has given us permission to use excerpts from her blog from time to time, so we’ll keep you posted when she puts up a new “snowball.”


Jeffrey Bergeron is the newest individual sponsor of the Summit County Voice.

Jeffrey Bergeron, aka Biff America, is the newest individual sponsor of the Summit County Voice. In an e-mail, Biff said he’s proud to be listed as a sponsor and supporter of independent journalism in Summit County. Read more about Bergeron here.


Supporter Karen Mason is helping to build independent journalism in Summit County with a sponsorship donation.

More support comes from local resident Karen Mason, who, among other things, helps promote awareness of services at the local library with SCTV programming. View one of the recent library talk video clips here. Karen is the president of KJM Communications and a board member of the Summit County Chamber of Commerce.


2 thoughts on “Sponsors

  1. The one response was back in July. Since then how this site has changed.

    What I want to say to to all the sponsors and contributors is that you have done a very good thing as the SCCV is putting out some quality material and I am many times surprised at what I see.

    Way to go! YES!!

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