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Summit Voice: Week in review

Wildfires once again dominated the headlines

Duckett fire, west flank 6/13/11 — photo courtesy USFS

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Stories about the Wallow Fire, now the largest wildfire in Arizona history, and the Duckett Fire, still raging in Colorado northwest of Westcliffe, got the most views this week.


Summit Voice editor Bob Berwyn is currently taking a road trip with his family and has been posting stories here and frequent updates on Twitter.

Road Trip USA

With the summer entertainment scene heating up, here are some stories about great things to do in Summit County this weekend:
Upcoming events in Summit County

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Most-viewed stories, week in review

Snow, wildfires and birds …

The monthly snow and weather stat roundup was the most-viewed story at Summit Voice the past few days.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —Total page views dropped slightly the past week, as we weren’t as diligent about posting links on various social media channels, but the top stories cover an interesting range of topics. The most-viewed story the past few days was our weather piece on Summit County snowfall stats, where March was the fifth month in a row with above-average precipitation. For the weather to-date (Oct. 1 – March 30), there’s a 45 percent moisture surplus, at least as recorded at Rick Bly’s official National Weather Service gauge in Breckenridge.

As a social media experiment of sorts, I posted a short blurb on the discovery of the wreckage of Air France Flight 447 just shortly after the news first broke on Twitter. The story, which included links to the Air France website post that confirmed the find, quickly drew several hundred hits, as people around the world searching the web for Flight 447 stories ended up at Summit Voice. To give the story a bit more depth, we added some background on the automated submersibles used by the Woods Hole oceanographic search team.

These were the most frequently used search terms leading to Summit Voice stories: frac act, lynx, air france 447, air france flight status, индия.

Notably, one of our daily photoblogs (featuring Florida birds) also made the top five. Check the rest of the week’s top stories by clicking the headlines below, followed by the rest of last week’s headline:

Summit Voice: Most-viewed stories, week in review

A lovely travel-themed photoblog by Jenney Coberly was one the most-viewed Summit Voice stories during the past few days. Check out all the headlines and don't forget to share them with friends on your own social media networks.

Radioactive rain, Gaper Day crackdown and new real estatel lending rules topped the news

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Our story on the early reports of radioactive rain in various parts of the country — a byproduct of the nuclear catastrophe in Japan, — quickly picked up more than 1,000 page views, with referrals from Google News driving visitors to Summit Voice from around the world. Since then, of course, there have been new reports about radioactive milk, spurring additional concerns.

As an interesting sidelight, the story included links to both an EPA website with official radiation readings and reports, as well as an alt-news website in Canada that wasn’t quite as sanguine about the potential risks from the radiation. Summit Voice readers were clicking on the alternative news source just about twice as often as they went to the EPA link.

When I first got the press release from the Breckenridge Police Department about the April 1 “Gaper Day” crackdown, I thought it was actually an early April Fools story — but it wasn’t. Apparently there are some hardcore tourism types who don’t want any tourist feathers ruffled by the locals.

Check the rest of the most-viewed stories by clicking the headlines and scroll down for the editor’s picks of last week’s headlines.

Most-viewed stories, week in review

Former Colorado Avalanche Information Center director Knox Williams stirs up some 5 percent density snow during a day of cat skiing at Monarch Mountain. Click on the image to see more.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Top National Park Service officials last week stood firm in the face of political and economic pressure as they backed up a decision by the superintendent of Colorado National Monument to deny a permit for a pro bike race. That was the most-viewed story at Summit Voice in the past few days,  followed by a short blurb on extended hours at the Breckenridge Ski Area terrain during the last few weeks of the season. Check the rest of the top stories by clicking on the headlines.

Most-viewed stories, week in review

Solar, ice cores and forest health stories were top picks with Summit Voice readers

One of the most-viewed stories last week was a Summit Voice exclusive on the future of Colorado's dead and dying lodgepole pine forests.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — A busy week for Summit Voice with a wide range of stories. The most-viewed story was a report on Colorado’s Xcel solar rebate program that picked up more than 800 page views in less than a day, thanks to the magic of Google News. Early in the week, correspondent Jenney Coberly filed a story and a video from her visit to the National Ice Core Lab, and coverage of the FRAC Act was also popular with readers.

Fourth on the list was a story that deserved more eyeballs. In a Summit Voice exclusive, we reported on some of the first detailed research showing what, exactly, will grow back in Colorado’s dead lodgepole pine forests. Click on the headlines below to read the stories and use the social media share buttons at the end to spread the word about independent journalism in Colorado.

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Week in review & most-viewed stories

Desert dust, visible as reddish discoloration, has been implicated in avalanches, and is causing the Colorado snowpack to melt suddenly and much earlier than expected, and a new study shows those desert storms may become more common as global warming causes vegetation loss in the Southwest.

Big-box imperialism, desert dust and vanishing lodgepole pines …

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — The most popular story on Summit Voice last week was a report on a Lowe’s development battle in Miami-Dade County, where community and environmental groups challenged the local government’s decision to arbitrarily expand an urban development zone to enable big-box development. The ensuing court case had some similarities to a similar conflict over a proposed Lowe’s development in Silverthorne, Colorado.

A story on the potential for more frequent and intense desert dust storms that taint Colorado snow was second on the list, followed by yet another forest health story, this one outlining the potential demise of more than 80 percent of the Lodgepole pine habitat in the West. Click on the headlines below to read more and use the share buttons at the end of each story to help grow independent journalism in the Rockies.

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Most viewed stories & week in review

See what other people are reading …

Several stories on global warming ranked among the most-viewed stories last week.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —An op-ed on ski industry stats was the most-read story at Summit Voice the past week, with a story on an unusual skier death at Arapahoe Basin close behind. Other top stories included continuing coverage of global warming, with a pair of stories about detailed mapping of sea-level rise impacts and a second story about how warmer temperatures may increase human exposure to waterborne disease.

Jenney Coberly has been working behind the scenes the past few weeks organizing Summit Voice content, so now all our global warming stories are available with a single click on the sidebar at this link.

Here are the rest of the week’s most-viewed stories: