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The Summit County Citizens Voice is a web site dedicated to reporting unfiltered and uncensored news from Summit County and beyond. Editor Bob Berwyn has been based in Summit County since 1996 and has reported for the Denver Post, the Summit Daily, the Summit Times, the Summit Independent, the Vail Daily Trail, the Aspen Daily News, the Durango Herald and the Telluride Daily Planet. His stories have also appeared in High Country News and 5280 magazine.

The Summit County Citizens Voice accepts news tips, articles, comments and photos from citizen journalists, and would like to engage the residents of Summit County in a meaningful dialogue about what’s important to you. Talk to us on Twitter or join us on Facebook,

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50 thoughts on “About

  1. This is the first time I’ve seen a local news machine taking advantage of the obvious developing media trends. Best to you as you continue building and reframing your project. Great start!Thanks for your in-depth knowledge of your topics. Being talented at writing helps your cause.

  2. Great job Bob! So nice to see more options for local information in Summit County. I would love to contribute some content if you are looking for stories, I really miss being a reporter up here! -Ashley

    1. Mike, I have a permanent URL for this site: http://www.summitcountyvoice.com, so any help you can give me in spreading the word would be great. Linking to other web sites would also be a great way to drive up search engine rankings, so if you have any say-so, it would be great to get a link on the Summit Huts page as a news source for Summit County.

  3. Bob,

    Please let me know when you need an op-ed writer to help stir up the ire of your advertisers.

    In all seriousness, I’m really impressed with the amount of support you have in this little sno-globe. Tonight at the Keystone Science School everyone was talking about Summit Voice.

    Looking forward to making SV my daily stop.


    1. Please feel free to submit op-eds any time, preferably sooner rather than later. I can’t write it all myself. I haven’t decided how to post all content yet, but I’ll probably create a “Forum” page for opinion columns. I’d love to run something soon.

  4. Hi Bob,
    Nice job with this. Let me know if you want more writing. Sorry to hear about the Daily. I wrote them a scathing letter which they’ll never publish. I’ll send it to some other places though. I hope it backfires on Vail.

  5. The writing’s been on the wall, traditional media with all the bricks and mortar are on the way out. I hope everyone in the community will take advantage of your hard work and make this the main source for the news that is worth reading! My wife and I will spread the word to as many visitors and friends as we can find. Best of luck in your new adventure.

    Gary and Melody

  6. Bob:

    This is a great idea and best of luck. I hope it is a classic expample of, “endings result in new beginnings.”

    I am impressed at the support you have received which is a testimony to the great job you have done. It is amazing that politics and profits don’t understand this – and what is really best for those interests.

    I had emailed you at your SDN email a few days ago when I first saw all the fallout on Channel 4 News. In case you didn’t get my email, I had re-sent you my response on your snow report article (which supported it and said it was right on) in case you needed any outside support.

    Again, I wish you the best and please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help in any way.


    Doug Trieste

  7. Hey Bob, just got wind of this whole situation. I read your original column about Vail Resorts and can’t believe it has led to this. The column was a good piece of work that handled a justifiable criticism of VR in a respectful way. Secondly, I am saddened that one column could cause such fallout, if that is really what happened here. And third, I commend you on this startup venture and hope it finds a solid niche in the landscape of mountain media. I do believe there’s a way to make these ventures profitable and we are on the verge of some online business models that work.
    Best of luck and with support from Vermont ski country,

    1. Hi Brianne, thanks for the feedback. Look for more good stuff to come. I think I met you at the S’thorne post office a while back while I was interviewing the guy about national forests and wilderness. Keep reading and spread the word.

      1. Good memory – plus, I work at FIRC so you have done stuff for us in the past. Anyway, thanks for doing what you are doing.

  8. Hi Bob,

    Great blog, nice work. I am yet another Summit County citizen very sorry to see you leave SDN. If you ever need a source for anything rescue-related, please don’t hesitate to call on me. I know you already have Dan, and he’s probably all anyone needs! But I am happy to help if ever I can.

    Anna DeBattiste

  9. Bob,

    Found you on Twitter, but still don’t know how to tweet. This is great! We were talking about the Daily glorifying that idiot that got caught in the slide last week. I was thinking that you would probably have had a different angle on this event. Oh well, with only two reporters, someone new to the county probably wrote it. Keep up the great work! I NEED YOU on my Saturday am radio program. How ’bout it?

  10. Hey Bob I just read about your story in the Jackson Hole daily. I used to work for Vail Resorts back in the early 90’s and am proud to say they black balled me from the mountain. I am proud of this because my honesty and integrity was the reason. Vail Resorts is a company that gives the ski industry as a whole a bad name. The dollar is more important than honesty for most if not all upper management and integrity has not been in the Vail valley since the mid 80’s. I commend your actions.

  11. Bob,

    I just read Allen Best’s Snow, Tweets & 800-Pound Gorillas story in his Mountain Town News, Dec. 31, 2009. I always enjoyed your articles in the Summit Daily and especially your coverage of transportation issues in the I-70 Mountain Corridor. I always found you to be fair, objective and accurate in your reporting. I think it is the Summit Daily’s loss to have let you go and wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Thanks again for yourt coverage of transportation in the mountain corridor.

    Harry Dale

  12. Love the site. Wish we had something like this in Eagle Co. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll just have to move to Summit! lol

    Again, great site with some amazing local info!


    1. Thanks Eric, I’m trying, need some help. Contact me if you’re in any way interested in being a Summit Voice sponsor. I’ve got some fresh ideas on social media zaps for your great pub. Incidentally, I had one of my first business meetings there with a potential sponsor just last week. Cheers, Bob

  13. I have just recently learned of this site and am very impressed. It is great to be able to get real news stories and issues that are critical to residents of Summit County. Happy to have found you! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Mark, Summit Voice is growing and getting better every day. We have a dedicated stream of readers with a focused interest in Summit County news. I hope you might consider supporting Summit Voice with a sponsorship advertising relationship. I’ll follow up with you soon.

  14. You scooped the SDN on the massive power outage today. We have power, but obviously want to avoid the roads/traffic until they are a little more organized…
    I had to google to find anything, and landed on your relatively new site.

  15. Congratulations, Bob, and best of luck! Would love to see Rich Mayfield’s contributions in this space, now that he’s also an SDN “alumnus.” May even contribute a piece or two myownself on local (increasing sales tax to pay for Breckenridge marketing; are you freaking kidding me?) or national (it’s the DemocratIC Party, Morgan, not the Democrat Party) issues.

  16. Bob,

    You need to post the written e-mail address to contact you. When I click on your link, my computer refuses to open a new e-mail form because your default is different from mine.


  17. Your story on Blue Fin Tuna left out a lot. American fisherman are not to blame for the problem in the BFT fishery. As someone already noted Recreational fisherman are only allowed 1 per boat not even one per person.

    I find it ironic that you claim to care about the environment but yet you seem to ignore the fact that our computers send out an enormous amount of heat into the atmosphere. If you care so much you should unpluge your computer and crawl back into the cave that you what the rest of us to live in.

  18. I just wanted to say that I continue to be very impressed with the breadth and depth of the environmental coverage that Summit County Citizen Voice provides. I frequently forward links to your stories to friends and former co-workers. Don’t know how you manage to be so thorough and prolific, but keep those stories coming!

  19. Hello
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    nice web site here.
    i lived in Boulder early 1980 when their was parking available on the side streets. And Nederland. And Aspen for a weekend.

  20. bob you are a warmist schmuck. listen to lord monckton. the planet hasn’t warmed in ten years. i hope your propaganda falls on deafer and deafer ears. the more people hear the facts the more you look the fool.

    1. So I ask you for a citation about an outrageous claim you make and you respond with name-calling and ad hominen attack — that kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

  21. Bob
    Great work – each morning in London UK I call up the guardian, the independent and your website. I sit for an hour tweeting environment stories from all three of this great newspapers. I have been doing this for about two years. i just happened to have a look around the site today other than the news page and saw this comment page.

    I have visited Summit County back in 2010 when I was speaking in Denver and CO is just an awesome state.

    If I get back I will definitely pass by and buy you a beer.

    Great work.

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