Climate: U.S. was record warm in June 2016

Deadly heatwaves and flooding part of emerging pattern of extremes

Utah and Arizona reported a record-warm June average temperature, with most other states also coming in above average.

Staff Report

Blistering, record heat in the Southwest helped propel the lower 48 states to a new high-temperature record in June, with an average reading of 71.8 degrees Fahrenheit for the month. That included a new monthly temperature record set in Death Valley National Park, where the average temperature in June was 101.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

The warmest-ever June reading broke the record set during the Dust Bowl era, in 1933, according to NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. The year-to-date is the third-warmest on record, the monthly state of the climate summary report said.

 The report also said precipitation for the month was below-average. There were record rains in West Virginia, but parts of the country were parched and drought expanded slightly during the month, reflecting a global pattern of seasonal climate extremes.
Only a few pockets of the country reported near-average temperatures, in Texas and small parts of the Upper Midwest and Northeast, while big chunks of the West were much above average. The year to-date is the third-warmest on record.
The Juna data comes after a series of record-warm months and years for Planet Earth, with several deadly heatwaves in India and Southeast Asia in spring and early summer. Many global climate studies now agree that heatwaves are going to become more frequent and more intense in the coming decades. Warmth in the northern hemisphere also has accelerated melting in Greenland and the Arctic. NOAA also highlighted eight weather and climate disasters with losses exceeding $1 billion each, including flooding and severe storms.
For the first half of 2016, every state was warmer than average, but no state was record-warm. Alaska was record warm for the year-to-date with a statewide temperature of 30.4 degrees Fahrenheit, 9 degrees above the 1925-2000 average and 2.5 degrees above the previous record set in 1981.




One thought on “Climate: U.S. was record warm in June 2016

  1. The weather is great on the front range. It’s been two years since Denver ‘officially’ sweltered in triple digit heat. This is referring to the city’s official climate station at Denver International Airport which last hit 100°F on July 7, 2014.
    With regard to the city’s official weather station it’s the second longest stretch without a 100°F temperature in over 20 years.

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