Climate: Earth is on a hot streak — but not the good kind

Record warmth nine months in a row

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Planet Earth is on a hot streak — but not the kind you brag about around the water cooler. January marks the ninth month in a row the planet’s average temperature set a new heat record, breaking the 2007 mark by 0.29 degrees Celsius.

For January, the average temperature was 1.04 degrees Celsius above average. Land-surface temps were the second highest on record, while sea surface temperatures were all-time record warm, according to the new monthly State of the Climate report released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The warmth was spread evenly around the glob, with record warmth reported from land and sea areas in both the northern and southern hemispheres. There were only a few small areas reporting below average temperatures, notably the North Atlantic near Greenland, the heart of central Asia, parts of Scandinavia and a few spots around Antarctica.

The January departure from average is second only to December 2015, which was 1.11 degrees Celsius above average. These two months are the only two to-date to surpass a monthly temperature departure of 1 degree Celsius.

NOAA also said that the warmth was spread deeply throughout the atmosphere, with well above average temperatures on the lower troposphere (about the lowest five miles of the atmosphere), with the highest reading in the 1979-2016 record. The mid-troposphere (roughly two miles to six miles above the surface) was also record warm. Record warmth was observed for both regions during the previous September−November seasonal period as well as December 2015.

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