Keystone old-timers show hypocrisy in opposing pot shop

Nugs, or no nugs, at Keystone?

Will marijuana sales undermine the family vibe at a ski area where pot has been openly consumed since the 1970s?

Staff Report

Keystone-area old-timers who are totally OK with the purchase and consumption of alcohol are trying to rally their neighbors to oppose a proposed retail marijuana store near the resort, claiming it would undermine Keystone’s family atmosphere.

Summit County is currently reviewing the application for the store, which would be located behind the gas station and convenience store at Four Corners stoplight — in what used to be a liquor store.

The letter of intent filed with the application emphasizes that the location is discretely located behind the existing building, not visible from Highway 6, and that they don’t plan on putting up a sign to draw passers-by.But the resort’s old guard is up in arms, once again showing the deep hypocrisy that surrounds the issue of marijuana and alcohol consumption. In a letter aimed at stirring up property owners against the application, the Keystone Citizens League wrote this:

“Many of you have already received information from the KOA or KNC indicating
that the Four Corners is clearly not the proper location for such an operation.
Nor is it appropriate anywhere in Keystone, given the family image and
atmosphere that is the hallmark of the Keystone experience. The KOA and KNC
surveys in this regard showed return rates in excess of 50% with 80% of those
responding against having a retail marijuana operation in Keystone.”

That pits property owners against other residents of the resort area who support the store. According to the letter of intent, about 150 people in the area have signed a petition in support of the new marijuana retail shop.

The applicants say they have already voluntarily agreed not to sell edible cannabis products based on some concerns about dosages.


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