Snowriders rally for climate action in Paris

Pure A-Basin powder.
Powder snow could be in short supply as global temperatures soar. @bberwyn photo.

“A lot to lose …’

Staff Report

The economic woes of ski and mountain resort towns may pale against the existential concerns flood-prone coastal communities and low-lying island nations, but global warming is still a big issue for the snow sports industry.

This weekend, a special panel will meet in Paris to outline how climate change has begun to impact the snowsports and mountain world. The group includes Aspen Mayor Steve Skadron, Rossignol CEO Bruno Cercley, Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune and Olympic gold medalist Seth Wescott, as well as  Climate researcher Elizabeth Burakowski, who helped track climate change impacts to the snowsports industry in a 2012 study.By convening a diverse, powerful set of voices alongside the COP 21 international climate talks, Snowriders International and its partners are urging world leaders to form the strongest agreement possible in Paris and protect the mountain way of life for this and future generations.

In a coalition with other groups,  Snowriders International and the I AM PRO SNOW Campaign of the Climate Reality Project have rallied diverse voices to speak in unison at the Paris climat talks, calling for strong action.

This is what you need for skiing -- snow!
This is what you need for skiing — snow! @bberwyn photo.

Eleven cities – including Whistler, BC, Ísafjarðarbær, Iceland, and many cities in Utah, Colorado and Oregon – have voted to pass a resolution in support of meaningful climate action.

“Climate change is the biggest threat mountains and snowsports communities have ever faced,” said Phil Huffeldt, director of Snowriders International. “With the I AM PRO SNOW coalition, we’re excited to help bring together such a powerful set of voices here in Paris for the sake of mountains and snow everywhere.”



2 thoughts on “Snowriders rally for climate action in Paris

  1. That meeting could be done via video conferencing or email. The group is a bunch of hypocrites who want to write off their vacation expenses on their taxes.

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