NOAA reports record global warmth for October 2015


Sea ice extent below average at both poles; northern hemisphere snow cover well above average

Staff Report

For the sixth month in a row, the global average temperature broke all historical records in October, soaring to 1.76 degrees Fahrenheit above the monthly average.

According the monthly climate report from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, it was by far the warmest October on record, breaking the record set just last year by 0.36 degrees Fahrenheit. It was also the largest the monthly departure from average from any month on record.

Both land- and sea-surface temperatures set records during the month, a sure sign that El Niño is fueling the spike in global temps and all but ensuring that this year will go down in the books as the warmest on record.Along with record warmth, snow piled up early across the northern hemisphere, reaching 1.49 million square miles above average — the seventh largest snow cover extent on record. Sea ice extent in the Arctic and around Antarctica were both below average, but not near record lows.

Some of the warmest areas on Earth included Australia, where the monthly average temperature was 5.2 degrees Fahrenheit above average — the largest monthly departure from the norm in 106 years of record-keeping. The October average maximum and minimum temperatures for Australia were also each record high.

Many areas across the world’s ocean surfaces also experienced record warmth or much warmer-than-average conditions for October, including the entire Indian Ocean where the Indian Ocean dipole has been positive during all of 2015, along with the central Atlantic Ocean and much of the Arctic Seas.

A stretch of the Atlantic Ocean south of Greenland and a region southeast of South America were much cooler than average for the month.

The year to-date is the warmest on record, at 1.55 degrees above the 20th century average. Eight months this year have been record warm for their respective months. January was the second warmest January on record and April third warmest.

Info compiled from the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, State of the Climate: Global Analysis for October 2015. Read the full report at:


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