Morning photo: Countryside …

Austrian scenes

In between researching stories on the influx of refugees and setting up interviews with environmental scientists, we’ve been able to get out into the Austrian countryside a few times, including a short local trek into the Mühlviertel of Upper Austria, one of the country’s most traditional farming regions. The pastoral scenes reflect an agricultural way of life going back many centuries, with carefully tended fields and orchards. Farther south, at the edge of the Austrian Alps, the Salzkammergut lakes region is starting to quiet down after a busy summer season, with boats neatly harbored in the scenic towns along the shorelines.


One thought on “Morning photo: Countryside …

  1. Superb photos and I am delighted to read that you are meeting with Austrian environmentalists. In my visits to alpine Europe over the past six decades for biking, hiking (including to the top of the Matterhorn), skiing and Eurailing, I have always been on awe of the natural beauty, the fitting in of human development, and the reverence and care apparent by the inhabitants relationship to their environment.

    Bert Melcher, Denver

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