Morning photo: Got ice?

Antarctica revisited

FRISCO β€” It’s been a few years, but I never get tired of revisiting these archived images of a journey around the fringes of Antarctica. And when I do, I fret, because it’s pretty certain now that all the greenhouse gases we’ve spewed into the atmosphere the past century or so are going to irrevocably going to change this place, and probably not for the better.

Already, there are clear signs that the ice sheets in West Antarctica are crumbling. That won’t just change the landscapes in the region; it will have far-reaching implications around the world by raising the seas to levels that humankind has not seen. Climate change also has serious implications for the abundant and diverse ecosystems around Antarctica. Invasive species from warmer regions are already starting to move in, and there have been marked shifts in penguin distributions. We may be able to limit some of the negative impacts if we act quickly to cut greenhouse gas pollution. Learn more about the Antarctic environment by checking out these Summit Voice stories.


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