Morning photo: Mountain colors

Dawn patrol … and more

FRISCO —What could be better than a rainbow stretched across the jagged skyline of the Tenmile Range? Maybe the scattered rays of the morning sun coming up over the Continental Divide, or the vibrant buzz of a bumblebee perched on purple thistle, or deepening purple and orange clouds over Frisco’s landmark Peak One. It’s tough to choose, that’s for sure, so I’m glad I don’t have to pick just one favorite image from this week’s photo wanderings in Summit County. If you love these shots, check out the online Summit Voice gallery, where a purchase goes a long way toward supporting independent Colorado environmental journalism.


One thought on “Morning photo: Mountain colors

  1. Have you ever thought of selling some photos in the greeting card size in boxed sets (or environmentally more correct paper sacks)? I would love the color Christmas truck to send as Christmas cards, if a dozen could be had in a relatively cheaper reproduction quality and affordably. Or one landscape x 12? Or a collection of popular photos as a holiday gift, or house gift, or other? I think people would want those if they appeared in one of your photo email offerings. I mean the card size for all the above. Could be pricey, but $72 a dozen is too steep for me!

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