Rally in Breckenridge to support climate action

Rally for climate action in Breckenridge on Aug. 20.

‘Beat the Heat’ event aimed at showing public support for Clean Power Plan

Staff Report

FRISCO — Summit County residents have a chance to show their support for meaningful action to reduce heat-trapping greenhouse gas pollution at an Aug. 20 rally in Breckenridge organized by Environment Colorado. The rally will start 11 a.m. near Riverwalk Center, with Environment Colorado organizers doing one-on-one outreach to passers-by.

The Beat the Heat event is aimed at showing support for President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, the single biggest step the U.S. has taken to address global warming. Activists want to make it clear that Coloradans want state leaders like Senator Michael Bennet and Senator Cory Gardner, as well as Governor Hickenlooper to lead on climate action.

Global warming is a significant threat in Colorado, which depends on winter snows for a steady and reliable water supply. Already, warming temperatures have played a role in the spread of tree-killing bugs and forest fires. Shorter ski seasons and longer, more intense droughts could disrupt mountain town economies.

Activists organizing the event said they’ll hand out popsicles in a lighthearted show of support for the Clean Power Plan, which calls on states to find ways to cut greenhouse gas pollution by 30 percent in the next few decades.

Building concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and other pollutants have already lead to increased levels of smog and dangerous heat waves in Colorado.


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