Poll: Breckenridge residents want a parking structure

BMX biking Breckenridge Colorado
A crowd of tourists watches a BMX bike demo in Breckenridge. Colorado.

Voters support new tax to address parking and congestion

Staff Report

FRISCO — Polling early this summer in Breckenridge appears to confirm what many residents and visitors already know — parking and congestion are serious issues for the Colorado resort town, which in some ways is choking on its own success.

According to the survey, voters want their town leaders to make parking and congestion a top priority, and they think a tax on lift tickets and special events is the way to pay for it.

The poll was conducted by Vitale and Associates, on behalf of the Town of Breckenridge working group.

“The results are confirming,” said Todd Vitale of Vitale and Associates. “The voters understand what a serious problem parking and traffic is, and they strongly favor a long-term comprehensive plan including the consideration of a parking structure.  As part of this proposal, they also want town leaders to address ongoing transit and pedestrian flow issues as they develop these long-term solutions.”

Specifically, 76 percent support a parking structure at F-Lot as part of the comprehensive traffic, parking and transit plan.  Given the details, voters also support the key elements of such a plan, including an admissions tax on lift tickets and for-profit special events as a way to pay for it.

In a memo to the Breckenridge Town Council working group, Vitale said that, when voters were given additional details regarding a comprehensive proposal, including the F-Lot parking garage, in some cases support increased to 87 percent.

“These support levels are quite high,” Vitale said.  “It’s clear that voters see the comprehensive F-Lot parking and transit plan as a very positive option to address these serious problems.”

The town council has been engaged in finding a long-term solution to parking, traffic and transit problems for a number of years. Most recently, the process involved community forums and a transit and parking task force.

“Frankly, this poll confirms what many of us already believed about the thoughts and concerns of our citizens,” said Mayor John Warner. “It also confirms what we on the Town Council believe the necessary solution is for the problems. We must have a reliable source of revenue to solve the long-term parking and traffic problems we face,” Warmer said. ” I’m glad the citizens are engaged in the process to consider a parking structure as part of this plan.”

Warnersaid the town council will continue to interact with the citizens in the next few weeks through community meetings, and other means as they move forward with developing and proposing a concrete plan and funding mechanism.

“This is a comprehensive plan that addresses what our citizens have stated is the number one problem in our Town, and we are determined to design and implement a solution,” he said.


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