Climate: Widespread heatwaves setting all-time temperature records across the northern hemisphere

Above average temperatures are expected to persist across the Far West for the next three months.

Global warming is here …

Staff Report

FRISCO — With El Niño still strengthening in the Pacific Ocean, many parts of the northern hemisphere are breaking all-time heat record this week, including England, where tennis players in the early Wimbledon rounds have to contend with the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the UK.

The ongoing heatwaves parts of Asia, North America and Europe may be a clear sign that 2015 will, as expected, end up as the hottest year on record for the globe, and a sign of trouble ahead, as deadly heatwaves are expected to increase and put millions of people at risk, with the threat growing every year, according to a recent climate study.

According to Weather Underground, the July 1 temperature at London’s Kew Gardens hit 96.3 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking a record set back in 1976. London’s Heathrow Airport reached 98.1 degrees, setting a new all-time heat record for the UK. The old record was set in 2006, with a 97.7 degree reading.

Record heat is also widespread across other parts of Europe, thanks to an extreme jet stream pattern that some researchers say is linked with declining Arctic sea ice.

Madrid and Toledo, in Spain, as well as Paris, have all reported July 1 readings above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, approaching all-time records for those spots. With air conditioning relatively uncommon, thousands of people are at risk from the extreme heat.

Europe’s 2003 heatwave is widely acknowledged as the deadliest on record, claiming more than 7o,000 lives. All 10 of the world’s deadliest heatwaves have happened in the past few decades, according to Dr. Jeff Masters, of Weather Underground.

In North America, a similar jet stream pattern has resulted in record temperatures across parts of the Northwest and Canada, including Washington, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia. Many spots broke June temperature records and a few spots recorded their hottest all-time temperatures, including:

  • Chief Joseph Dam, Washington – 113 degrees Fahrenheit
  • LaCrosse, Washington – 113 degrees
  • Chelan, Washington – 110 degrees
  • Omak, Washington – 110 degrees
  • Bonners Ferry, Idaho – 105 degrees.





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