Morning photo: Evening clouds

At the point …

FRISCO —Watching the weather forecast the last few days, it was clear that our steady stream of spring moisture was about to run out, with a shift to more traditional late-June weather, which very often is dry and hot in the high country. Nothing against clear, blue-sky days and starry nights, but I love clouds, especially for taking photos, so when I headed out Thursday evening for a nearby spot here in Frisco to try and capture a few cloud scenes. One building thundercloud in particular caught my eye. Looking east from my vantage point, it looked the cloud was probably located over western Jefferson County, maybe above Evergreen, and it grew visibly, straight up, generating a classic anvil head within about 30 minutes, interesting to see because it happened late in the evening, which is usually when the clouds start to collapse as they lose the heat of the day. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for daily photo updates and visit our online Fine Art America gallery for some of our best Colorado landscape photography.


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