Morning photo: Mountain glow

Peak light

An eclipese-tinged glow over the Rockies, photographed from Loveland Pass, Colorado.

FRISCO ā€” There are times when the light in the mountains totally blows my mind, and when it’s easy to understand why mountains have long been considered sacred, and even dwelling places of the gods. It seems, sometimes, that if one could only gaze upon the peaks long enough, all the mysteries of the universe would be revealed. So there are times that, after taking a few photos, I set down the camera, hoping to gain a little more insight into this great wonderful world of ours.

Grays and Torreys, two 14,000-foot peaks along the Continental Divide in Colorado, seem to glow from within during the last fading moments of a mountain sunset.
The craggy face of the Gore Range aglow with morning sunlight.
Surreal sunrise over Dillon Reservoir and the Tenmile Range in Frisco, Colorado.
Shadow and light.

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