Morning photo: Sunday set

Got pano?

I had to underexpose the foreground to try and capture some of the detail and color in the clouds, which collapsed almost completely a few minutes after this shot.

FRISCO — Since I don’t have a super wide-angle lens, I sometimes use my iPhone to try and capture the broad sweep of our Rocky Mountain landscapes. It’s not ideal, because you have to be darn sure you maintain a level camera while scanning across the scene, but sometimes it’s worth it. Other times, you can take a slice of a landscape shot by cropping horizontally, like the first shot in this set, but your eyes will almost instinctively know that it’s not a true panorama, but just an edit of a “normal” image. Either way, it’s fun to play around with this format.

The somewhat unnatural curve of the foreground gives it away — this a true iPhone pano sweep, taken along Dillon Resevoir, near Frisco, Colorado.
This is also an iPhone sweep, but a much shorter slice.
This picture is actually not a pano at all, It was taken with telephoto lens, but cropped horizontally to emphasize the breadth of the Tenmile Range near Breckenridge.
A lot of foreground and the big sky are hints that this is a true pano shot, taking high in the San Juan Mountains near Red Mountain Pass.



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