Crunch time!

3 days to reach our crowdfunding goal for the Climate Ranger project

Bob Berwyn.
Bob Berwyn.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — Crowdfunding isn’t just for journalism and tech start-ups anymore. These days, entire communities have joined in the action, with towns seeking direct support for projects, like in Liverpool, England, where a new playground was funded after a project was successfully funded on Spacehive, a platform for community projects.

At Summit Voice, we only have three days left to reach our goal of $5,000 to support two months of intensive environmental journalism that will look at the effects of global warming in the Rocky Mountains, and we need your help to reach the target. Thanks to the readers and subscribers who have already generously helped with pledges of support. Please visit our crowdfunding page for all the details and to make a pledge now:

At the site, you’ll see that it looks like we are still $1,140 away from our target, but since Beacon is generously matching every pledge, we need to raise just $570 through our own grassroots network to meet our goal and get funded. If you could pass the URL of this post along to five friends via email, we’ll get there for sure!

We are going to do some world-class journalism in the Rocky Mountains, with in-depth stories, short videos and, of course, great photography, visiting with scientists who are in the field to report on their observations and findings, and we’ll find out how communities in the high country of the West are coping or preparing with rising temperatures.

One of the coolest part of the project is that Dylan, my 16-year-old, is going to be involved in the project, helping to produce videos and sharing our stories with his generation. This is critical, because he and his peers will have to live in the greenhouse gas-warmed world that we’re creating right now.

We will take you along on the journey via social media and we’re capping the trek with dinner event and presentation at the Sunshine Cafe in Dillon — and right now, if you make a pledge of $100 or more, you and a guest will automatically be invited to that dinner. We’re also giving away fabulous high quality fine art prints from the trip or from our Summit Voice online gallery.

Please visit our Beacon crowdfunding page, consider making a pledge and share the link with your friends. Thanks for your support!

Donate to the Rocky Mountain Climate Ranger project

mtnYour contribution to this independent journalism project will be matched dollar for dollar by Beacon. Click to learn more and make a donation.


One thought on “Crunch time!

  1. Congratulations, Climate Ranger and Ninja Video Man! You made the goal. Can’t wait to see those stories.

    Tom Easley

    Rocky Mountain Climate Organization

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