Morning photo: desert dreams

Four Corners sojourn

You don't see this every day!
You don’t see this every day!

FRISCO — In today’s first post I reported on the ongoing environmental studies for operation of the Four Corners power plant, a giant coal-burning facility that has been spewing air pollution into the atmosphere for decades. Federal officials now propose re-authorizing the plant’s permits for another 25 years without accounting for the environmental toll of greenhouse gases and other pollutants that are directly toxic to people and animals. Obviously, we can’t simply shut down all our coal-burning activities immediately. But at some point, the federal government has to start taking significant steps toward reducing emissions of heat-trapping gases. The permitting process for the Four Corners plant offers a great opportunity to at least start down that path. Meanwhile, enjoy this set of Four Corners images from the Summit Voice archives, and check out our online gallery at Fine Art America for a great selection of Rocky Mountain nature and landscape images. Buying prints or greeting cards from the gallery is one of the best ways to support independent environmental journalism!

Four Corners desert pano.
Desert Rain.
The ancient ones.
After the rain ...
After the rain …



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