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FRISCO — I didn’t quite get around to reporting on the discovery of new fish-eating spider species last week, but I did cover a lot of environmental territory.

Along with climate stories in Summit Voice I wrote about the emerald ash borer invasion and hydropower for Boulderganic, and even penned a food- and environmental themed Colorado roadtrip story for the Boulder Weekly.

On a more serious note, I was the first journalist to take a close look at the City of Denver’s as-yet unpublished climate change adaptation plan, showing that life in the Mile High City could be nearly unbearable by 2050 — but also showing that making adjustments for global warming could have huge benefits for Denver by expanding green infrastructure. Read the Colorado Independent story here: The Big Schvitz.

And in case you missed it the week before, I took a close look at the past, present and future of uranium mining in southwestern Colorado, and reported on how El Niño  affect Colorado for the Boulder Weekly.

This is a a good a time as any to once again thank all the Summit Voice readers who responded to our call for donations in support of independent online journalism.

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Here are some of the Summit Voice headlines from the past week, starting with Sunday’s op-ed on the Forest Service and ski area water rights:



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