Colorado: Spring flood cuts off road to Montezuma

High runoff taking a toll on roads

Flood waters caused a major washout of Montezuma Road in Summit County, Colorado. Photo courtesy Summit County Road and Bridge.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — Spring runoff is starting to take a toll on high country roads, with a major washout reported along Montezuma Road and minor flooding in other areas, including a partial washout on the Meadow Creek trailhead road in Frisco.

East of Keystone, Summit County officials reported a 45-washout of Montezuma Road, leaving Montezuma residents withouth vehicular access. According to the county, the road is washed out 15-feet deep near the Peru Creek trailhead.

Summit County Road and Bridge Department currently has a team in Jackson County retrieving a temporary bridge, with no definite schedule for its arrival. The road and bridge team onsite is also working on alternate solutions if the bridge cannot restore access.

Currently, the only access to and from the Town of Montezuma by Montezuma residents is by foot. The hike is about 30 minutes long. Montezuma currently has power and limited Internet access. Excel Energy is onsite and monitoring the situation.

On Tuesday afternoon at 2:15 pm the Summit County Sheriff’s Office ordered a voluntary evacuation of the Town of Montezuma. An estimated 10 – 12 people have evacuated from the town. Approximately 20 people have chosen to stay in Montezuma.

Flooding along Meadow Creek Road, Frisco, Colorado. bberwyn photo.

In Frisco, Meadow Creek has overflowed its main channel and is carving a new path along the road to the trailhead. Tuesday afternoon, the flood-created ditch spanned about a quarter of the road and was about 18 inches deep.

Forest Service officials also reported high water along Tiger Run Road, where several culverts are under water.

To learn more about the impacts of high water and what you can do to prepare for the spring runoff, download the High Water Preparedness Information brochure from the county website at:






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