Morning photo: Iceberg dreams

Frozen …

Remnant bergs on the shore of Dundee Island, Antarctica.

FRISCO — Lately I’ve had a few dreams about melting icebergs. I think it’s all the climate reporting I’ve been doing; every new study that comes out makes it more clear that we’ve already pumped so many greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that we’ve irrevocably changed our world, including the fantastic landscapes of ice around Antarctica. While parts of the glaciers and the massive ice sheets will persist for quite some time — many centuries, in fact — it’s also pretty clear that there will be massive changes around the frozen continent. Check out our Antarctica reporting at this Summit Voice link, and visit our online Fine Art America gallery for more landscape and nature photography. Click on the images to see them full size.

Big berg. Did you know that icebergs are biodiversity hotspots?
A smooth-warm berg in the Antarctic Sound. Scientists say Antarctica’s ice sheets are melting from below due to warm ocean currents.
The sno-w and ice-clad land masses of Antarctica seem permanent, but recent research suggest those massive icefields may not be as stable as previously thought.
Ice Arch, Antarctica.
Ice Arch, Antarctica.

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