Morning photo: November!

An early winter feeling …

Snake River ice with an ethereal glow as the first few rays of morning sun penetrate the shadows of the canyon.

FRISCO —Every now and then I post a photo set that probably doesn’t need a whole lot of verbiage, except may to say that nature continually, every single day, totally blows my mind. The ice formations along our local streams and creeks change from day to day, and the light is never the same. Even if a morning looks the same, superficially, as the day before; even if I go back to the same spot at the exact same time, it’s different. That’s not to say I don’t work for some of these images. Sometimes I’m wading in icy water up to my ankles, trying to find a stable spot for the tripod. Sometimes the tripod just won’t work, so I look for flat rocks, use a hat or glove as a pad and press the camera tightly to try and prevent shaking during exposures long exposures. And other times, I just point the iPhone and shoot … Visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Colorado landscape images.

Nature’s art.
"Easy like a Sunday morning ... "
“Easy like a Sunday morning … “
Afternoon light on the Meadow Creek wetlands near Frisco, Colorado.
Jack Frost is in the house!






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