Summit Voice: Most-viewed stories

Climate, wildfires and biodiversity

Evening alpenlow over the Rocky Mountains.

Compiled by Bob Berwyn

FRISCO —  It’s always good to hear scientists speak the truth, and last week, Australian researchers minced no words as they described the findings of a global warming attribution study that showed a statistically significant link between industrial Co2 pollution and the brutal and and extended heatwave that gripped the island continent. Our report on the study was the most-viewed story of the week, even though it was posted late in the week.

Global warming: Study finds greenhouse gas fingerprints all over Australia’s record-breaking summer heatwave( 2,090 views).

Here in Colorado, we also had near-record dryness last year and to consecutive years of well-below average snowfall across large parts of the entire Colorado River Basin, with record-setting heat in spring. With inflow into Lake Powell looking dismal, it’s time to start wondering how much water will be available in the Colorado in coming years: Climate: How will the Colorado River flow?  (1,076 views).

Around the state, bat conservation advocates are wondering if a new cave access policy goes far enough to protect bats from deadly white-nose syndrome: Biodiversity: Conservation group says bats are at risk under new Forest Service Rocky Mountain cave-access policy (975 views).

Here’s the rest of the most-viewed stories list:


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