Morning photo: Mountain meadows

A trip down the Lower Blue …

Lupines and arrowleaf balsamroot in the Williams Fork Range.

FRISCO — An early morning hike into the foothills of the Williams Fork Range, north of Silverthorne yielded a few decent photos in challenging, high-contrast light conditions. I also struggle a bit with composition as I grappled with the wide-open landscape. While colors are stunning, I often found myself looking at the viewfinder and seeing a lot of dead space in the center of the image. Without a defined subject, I looked for strong lines, formed either by the shape of the land or by the pattern of early morning light and shadows. I’m also struggling a bit with focus in some scenes, trying to get a really sharp focus, so I just pulled a fixed focal length lens out of an old camera bag to try it out on some wildflower scenes the next few days

A little early morning razzle-dazzle with wildflowers.
Morning light.
Need to work on depth-of-field control!
Mountain meadow.
Looking back at the Gore Range.






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