Morning photo: Amazing day

Sunrise to sunset …

Buffalo Mountain reflected in a pond along the edge of Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO — It started out like a normal Saturday, with an early morning dog walk along Dillon Reservoir, where I watched water flowing in reverse, filling small tributaries, as the rising water level trickled into long-dry crevices along the shore. I really recommend taking a walk out to one of the shallow areas because it’s really quite fascinating to watch the water come up. A little later, after dropping the kids on the Silverthorne side, I noticed the splashes of yellow on the bluffs above the Blue River, realizing all of a sudden that it is peak wildflower season on some of the sunnier lower-elevation slopes. So I made a mid-day trip down to Boulder Creek — not the best light to shoot flowers and mountains, but I gave it my best and scouted out some spots for early Sunday morning. And in the evening, yet another unforgettable sunset over the Gore Range … If you like these snapshots, be sure to visit our online FineArt America gallery with a great selection of Summit County landscapes.

In the foothills of the Gore Range, Summit County, Colorado.
In the foothills of the Gore Range, Summit County, Colorado.
Colorado wildflowers lupine and arrowleaf balsam root
Lupines and arrowleaf balsam root in the Gore Range.
Gore Range.
Sky on fire.

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