Morning photo: Spring … really!


Buttercups bloomed this week, the first wildflowers after a long winter.

FRISCO — After a few false starts, it appears that spring has truly sprung in the Colorado high country, though it shouldn’t surprise anyone if it snows once (or twice) more before all is said and done. But the past few days, we’ve experienced beneficial moistening rains and the Earth is responding in overdrive. Grass and other plants are growing almost visibly from day to day, the first few wildflowers have popped and streams are swelling in their banks. Even after many years living high in the mountains, the speed always surprises me a little. Our native plants, adapted to a short growing season, seem to know there’s no time to waste.

The sun, captured in a raindrop.

Greening …
Willow buds thickening up in the Meadow Creek wetlands.
Thirty pine forests are relishing the cool and moist spring weather.
Moistened by an afternoon shower, the bark of young aspens shine green with chlorophyll.

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