Summit Voice: Week in review and most-viewed stories

Will the federal government tolerate marijuana legalization?

FRISCO — Cycling and wrangling over marijuana legalization are both popular topics in Colorado these days, which is reflected by this week’s list of most-viewed stories. Third on the list, surprisingly to me, was a somewhat wonk-oriented story about a conservation bill introduced in Congress — but maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise, since anything that involves bipartisan compromise in Washington, D.C. these days is truly newsworthy.

Two of the Summit Voice photo essays also managed to crack the top-10 list, including some sweet shots of our big spring snowstorm, and, of course, a pair of stories about the deadly Loveland Pass slide were also in the mix. Click “Read More” to see the list, as well as a roundup of headlines.

State & Local

In local and state news, Summit Voice exclusively reported on a new U.S. Forest Service fee structure for special events that use the local recpath. Apparently, the agency hadn’t been charging anything in recent years, but decided it should for events that cross national forest lands.

Environment & World




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