Morning photo: Flashback

Sunshine …

A late November sunset in Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — It feels like it’s been snowing every day for the past month, which is a good thing as far as our water supplies are concerned, but it got me wondering about the last time we had a spell of shirtsleeve weather. Based on the photo archives, it was way back in late November, when Dylan and I went out to shoot some pictures for his freshman photography class. As I recall, the assignment was to create some motion blur and some stop-action, so we played with shutter speeds and apertures and I bored him half to death with stories from the “good old days” of photography. But clearly, from the pictures, you can see that, even in late November it was warm enough to skateboard in a t-shirt. Those days will soon be here again and in the meantime, some hot Summit County pics to warm you up.

Ridin’ Lagoon street.

Reservoir sunset.
A little dusting on Buffalo in mid-November, but warn sunshine, too.
Warm autumn light on the Gore Range.
Bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

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