Morning photo: Snow, snow … snow!

Spring fluff

Gotta love the way that March snow sticks to the branches.

FRISCO β€” Finally, in the first few days of spring, winter weather showed up for real, with one of the biggest single-day snowfalls of the season here in Frisco. The snow was wet and heavy and settled quickly, so it was hard to get a good measurement of the daily total, but at least five inches piled up here in town. And it’s getting that time of year when you really appreciate the snowfall, knowing it could be the last (although the weather forecast is calling for more wintry weather this weekend). It’s kind of like that tingly feeling feeling when the first snows of autumn fall, except in reverse. Sometimes in the middle of the winter, we take it all for granted (but not this year), and some years, we even get fed up (although we shouldn’t). But Thursday’s snowfall was just about perfect.

… And the fences, where it catches on every tiny protuberance.
The white room.
This is from a few weeks ago, but fits in with today’s theme.
Meadow Creek, with a touch of flash to highlight the foreground.

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