Morning photo: The light of day

Sunrise to sunset

First light over Dillon Reservoir and the Continental Divide.

FRISCO —When the day starts with a fiery sunrise lighting up a bank of clouds over 14,000-foot peaks, you know it’s going to be a good one. As a bonus, the warm days and cool nights helped build a stiff crust on the snow, at least in exposed areas — much easier walking! Remember this post is a for-fun sample, so if you’d like to see some of the best Summit Voice landscape photography, visit our online gallery at FineArt America.

Same vista, shot with an iPhone and processed with an Instagram filter.
The texture of the snow and the diagonal shadow of the tree captured my eye.
At this point in the morning, it was getting pretty bright, so I used the built-in iPhone HDR app to try and tone down the brightness of the snow in near foreground. I haven’t found the HEDR to be very effective in low-light situations, but it did work here, giving the snow a warm cast instead having it show as a burned out highlight.
Last light on Grays and Torreys peaks.

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