Colorado: State, industry and federal officials tracing underground pollution plume near Parachute

Parachute Colorado
Officials say a “hydrocarbon” plume of underground pollution hasn’t yet threatened Parachute Creek, four miles north of Parachute, in western Colorado.

Possible oil spill may be getting close to groundwater in the area

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — State, local and federal officials are tracking a mysterious underground plume of what they are calling “hydrocarbon” pollution near Parachute, Colorado.

The pollution was first reported March 6 during construction activities in the area and confirmed March 16 by the West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association, which said in a prepared release that Parachute Creek has not been impacted and that there are no known threats to health and safety.

The construction activities involved locating underground pipelines – a standard safety practice prior to construction.

According to the association, the construction activity and discovery of hydrocarbons was in no way related to drilling, hydraulic fracturing or natural gas well completions activities.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and the Colorado Department of Health and Environment have been on location and are supervising the response. The Environmental Protection Agency has assessed the location.

The source, quantity, and nature of the hydrocarbons discovered are still under investigation. Information will be communicated to the public as details emerge and regulators and involved parties will continue to investigate and cleanup as the situation is addressed.


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