Skiing: World freestyle championships start in Norway

Freestyle skiers are competing in the 2013 FIS World Freestyle Championships in Norway. Bob Berwyn photo.
Freestyle skiers are competing in the 2013 FIS World Freestyle Championships in Norway. Bob Berwyn photo.

U.S. skiers bidding for medals in halfpipe event today

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — The FIS World Alpine Ski Championships are over, but freestyle skiers are just getting started at the 2013 Voss/Oslo Freestyle World Ski Championships, with the halfpipe finals to be held tonight under the lights at the Oslo Vinterpark superpipe located just outside of the Norwegian capital. Follow the competition at the live score website.

North Americans skiers were among the top qualifiers, including Canadian Matt Margetts (CAN), who put down the best run of the day early in the morning, using his first run of the first heat to score an impressive 90.0. Margett’s run wasn’t nearly the most technical one seen in the qualifications, his combination of massive amplitude, spotless execution, and smooth style was just enough to edge his nearest competitor.

That competitor happened to be David Wise (USA), who comes into the Voss/Oslo looking hungry to reach the podium after back-to-back 4th place finishes at the last two World Championships, Inawashiro in 2009 and Deer Valley in 2011. Wise’s run put him just about as close as he could have been to a 1st place qualification, earning 89.8.

Wise was followed up by compatriot and current World Cup halfpipe points leader Torin Yater-Wallace (USA), who recorded a score of 88.4. Reigning halfpipe world champion Mike Riddle (CAN) qualified in 5th.

For the ladies, it was Ayana Onozuka who was able to put together the best first-to-last hit run, with a combination of consistent amplitude and trick variety that proved the strongest of the day and earned her a score of 87.6.

Onozuka was able to edge reigning ladies ski halfpipe world champion Rosalind Groenewoud (CAN), depsite Groenewoud throwing the biggest trick of the ladies’ qualification with a right side 1080 to end her second run and elevate her into 2nd with a score of 86.8.

Ladies’ halfpipe World Cup points leader Virginie Faivre (SUI) skied solidly in both her runs, registering a score of 85.0 to qualify in 3rd place.

Halfpipe finals from the Oslo Vinterpark at the Voss/Oslo 2013 Freestyle World Ski Championships are scheduled to begin at 19:30 CET on Tuesday, March 5th.


Men’s qualification heat 1, top three:
1.    Matt Margetts (CAN) – Rodeo 540 Japan, alley-oop rodeo 540 mute, left side 900 tail, alley-oop double rodeo 720 critical, switch left-side rodeo 540 critical, switch right-side 720 mute
2.    Torin Yater-Wallace (USA) – Right-side double-corked 1260 mute, left-side 1080 tail, switch right-side 720 mute, alley-oop rodeo 540 mute, right-side 1080 tail
3.    Mike Riddle (CAN) – left-side double-corked 1260 mute, right-side 900 tail, left-side 900 Japan, alley-oop 360 bow-and-arrow, switch left-side 900 mute

Men’s qualification heat 2, top three:
1.    David Wise (USA) – Left-side 900 nose grab, right-side 720 lead mute, switch left-side 720 Japan, right-side 900 tail, left-side double-corked 1260 mute
2.    Joffrey Pollet-Villard (FRA) – Switch alley-oop 540 critical, switch left-side 720 tail, alley-oop rodeo 540 Japan, left-side 900 mute, right-side 900 tail
3.    Thomas Krief (FRA) – left-side double-corked 1260 tail, alley-oop rodeo 540 Japan, left-side 900 tail, right-side 1080 safety, switch left-side 1080 tail

Ladies’ qualification top three:
1.    Ayana Onozuka (JPN) – Japan, alley-oop critical, left-side 540 mute, right-side 540, left-side 720, switch right 540
2.    Rosalind Groenewoud (CAN) – Mute, right-side 900, left-side 540, alley-oop safety, right-side 1080
3.    Virginie Faivre (SUI) – Mute, alley-oop safety, left-side 540, right-side 540 safety, air to fakie safety, switch left-side 540


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